Cheshire Shared Services Website & Email Service

This service will provide Parish Councils with a package of IT services including the following:

How Can You Help?

As a prerequisite please: Plan as early as possible there is a lead time to the domain registration and site creation

What should you expect ?

The time taken to confirm domains names is subject to the cabinet offices approval and can take some time e.g. a number of weeks.

We will contact you if we have any questions about the application form then while the domain name is being approved we will start the build process for the site and will invite you to an introduction to WordPress session where 2 people can attend. You will then have access to a temporary, non published version of the site.

When your domain is registered we will set the site to be live and confirm your email address details. Telephone support will be provided for the content management system and email service via our telephone support line.

You should expect to manage the day to day content of your site and refer to the standard WordPress documentation to answer questions about standard use of the WordPress system.

How do we measure performance?

Performance Indicator: Sites Built and intro session complete within 3 weeks.

Target: 90%(go-live is subject to the cabinet office approval of domain name)

When is the service available?

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Need More Information?

For Cheshire East Council Parish Council enquiries contact:

For Cheshire West and Chester Council Parish Council enquiries contact: