Community safety briefing sheet

29th October 2007

Dave Owens - Community Safety Network Officer
Cheshire Constabulary -Ellesmere Port Police Station
Stanney Lane - Ellesmere Port- CH65 9ER
Tel:01244 613083

Crime and Arrests for the Chester District
Week ending 7am. Monday 29th. October 2007.

For those of you involved with the upkeep of older buildings, parish halls, churches, pubs, etc. We are seeing an increase across the country of thefts of lead and copper piping. The value of scrap metal has risen dramatically this year making this type of theft more lucrative. The general crime prevention advice for a building can be obtained through me, either by a visit or I can send leaflets out in the post.

Two, modern high tec. Products worth looking at are Smartwater and Selectadna. Both these firms offer unique ultra violet solutions that can permanently mark lead and copper.
Smartwater was used last year by Cheshire Police in a successful anti burglary campaign.
Selectadna have adapted the ultra violet dye into a thick grease that will permanently
coat the lead and stick to anyone handling it or the vehicles they use. Because the Ultra Violet Dye in each application is unique to the customer, property so marked can always
Be traced back to it's owner.
For further details look at:

If you want to pass information on about these thefts you can contact me direct, or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111

Burglary in a dwelling
Hartford Mews, Vicars Cross. Attempt. Remove pins from patio hinge
Marlston Avenue Attempt. Insecure window
Harding Road, Dale Camp Temporarily unoccupied property
Hob Lane, Dunham On The Hill Insecure door
Alwyn Gardens, Upton Distraction. Three Irish males.
Hatton Road Temporarily unoccupied property
Farmdale Drive, Elton Attempt. Glass cutter on window
Ermine Road Attempt via patio doors
Brook Lane Attempt via patio door
Lache Lane Insecure door

Theft from / Damage to a vehicle Theft of a vehicle
Watergate Street Damage Arrowecroft Road G'Sutton Peugeot
Hamilton Street From Toby Carvery, Hoole Jag. XJS
Norris Road, Blacon From Hall Lane, Kelsall M/cycle
Warrington Rd. Hoole From Church Street, Kelsall Renault MeganeLime Close, Tarporley From
Travell Inn, Caldy Valley From
Winchester Square From
Tudor Roase, Ledsham from
Whitchurch Road, Christleton From
Flatt Lane, Kelsall Attempt theft
The Parade, Blacon From
Saughall Hey From
Balmoral Park From

Arrests in the Chester district last week

Theft 3
Theft from a shop 3
Burglary dwelling 0
Burglary other 1
Vehicle 0
Public order 8
Damage 2
Violence 15
Indecency 3
Deception 0
Drugs 3
Robbery 0
Other 24
Total 62

Fire Service News
Burnt out vehicles for the month of August 2007.

Wednesday 12/9 0510 Maynall Place, Blacon
Saturday 15/9 1539 Wordsworth Crescent, Blacon
Tuesday 18/9 2023 Durham Road, Blacon
Wednesday 26/9 2124 Sealand Road (Rear of Argos)

If you have information about these fires or any other crime you can ring this office, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111

If you have an un-roadworthy vehicle you want to dispose of safely, ring 01244 402477.

(Some restrictions apply and proof of ownership may be required).

Asst. Div. officer Ian Swan would like to remind you that free home fire safety checks, smoke alarms and special vibrating and illuminated smoke alarms for people who are hearing impaired are available by calling the free phone number 0800 389 0053.

Every household in the Chester District is entitled to one free special collection of rubbish a year. So to get rid of those large unwanted items, such as furniture etc. that can get dumped and cause a hazard, ring 01244 402477

Cheshire Constabulary, non urgent calls 0845 458 0000
Domestic Violence outreach service 01606 351 375
Freephone 24 hour domestic violence help line 0808 2000 247
Child Line 0800 11 11

Together, Anti - Social phone line. 01244 402477

To get abandoned vehicles removed ring, 01244 402477
Or Email

If you have any information about vehicle fires or any other crime, ring this office on Chester 01244 613083 or make a free, confidential call to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111