Tuesday 4th November 2008 in Churton Village Hall

The meeting was preceded by photographs of the environmental award the council had received, with the Lord Mayor of Chester, Cllr Brian Bailey.

1. Present: Parish Councillors Angela Palmer, Diana Mander, Jennifer Clayton. City Councillor Paul Roberts, Shadow Unitary Councillor Mike Jones and the clerk.
Apologies for absence were received from Parish Councillors Jan Edwards, Helen Dearden and Howard Mead.
2. Co-option of Councillors to fill the two vacancies: as the meeting was not quorate, and there had been no volunteers coming forward to fill the vacancies, this item was deferred. It was agreed that Cllr Angela Palmer would draft a flier asking for volunteers to be councillors, and to help with the speed traps.
3. Draft minutes of the meeting on September 2nd were approved as a correct record.
4. Matters for future debate: Jan Edwards was concerned about rubbish being dumped in the quarry.
5. Correspondence: Wrexham Borough Council sent out a letter re: Consumption of alcohol in public places. After discussion, it was agreed that this was not a matter for Churton Parish Council.
6. Environment Award: The meeting was preceded by photographs of the environmental award the council had received, with the Lord Mayor of Chester, Cllr Brian Bailey. As well as receiving a certificate, the council had also received a cheque for £100 which had been banked.
7. Churton-Aldford match. The council had received a cheque in regard of this, which had been banked. It was agreed that the council would write and thank the organisers and say that we looked forward to discussing with them terms for the 2009 match.
8. Planning Application: for Mr Craig Eddleston, Knowle Cottage, Knowl Lane, Churton By Farndon. The application number is 08/01744/FUL. There were no objections.
9. The following decisions were received from Chester City Council: 08/01352/FUL for single storey extension to Lime Cottage, Chester Road, Churton by Aldford, 08/01131/FUL for garage extension at Threave Cottage, Knowle Lane, Churton By Farndon, 08/01326/FUL for 2 storey extension to rear of dwelling, Ferry View, Stannage Lane, Churton.
10. Report from Village Hall Committee: Approval was given to the clerk to get the leak fixed.
11. Report from Village Plan Committee: Meetings were going well. Mr Craig Eddleston had been appointed as chair. The Parish Council clerk offered to clerk the VPC meetings, but this would not be necessary.
12. Report from the Rural Area Committee: Paul Roberts reported from the the last meeting. Policing had been a main item on the agenda, the Head of Special Constables spoke about their command structures and extent of their powers. There was discussion about how PCSO and Chester City Council's CSW operate together. The Police no longer have the resources to police in the same way, but Special Constables, PCSO and CWS working together fill the gaps. People are feeling safer.
13. Paul Roberts had also attended a meeting of the Association of Parish Councils.
14. Paul Roberts reported as a Chester City Councillor, on a variety of matters. The Northgate Development had been put on hold. The earliest this would start was 2012 and the earliest it would be completed was 2015.There were questions as to how performing arts would continue in Chester without the Gateway Theatre or its replacement.
15. Mike Jones reported on progress of the new unitary authority. He said that the Chief Executive had been appointed and five out of the six Directors. Adverts were being placed for third tier of management. All existing staff should know whether they will be employed by the new authority or made redundant by the end of January. All staff should be in place for the launch of the new authority on 1st April. The survey on Area Working had been well received, 300 replied returned. It was hoped to have better liaison with services such as health, probation and police. There would be five Area Boards, and action committees below them, with Area Forums similar to existing Area Committees. There would be a "ward budget" with councillors for each ward having a fund to spend locally. Churton would be part of an Area Programme Board taking in rural parts of Chester City Council and Ellesmere Port & Neston.
15. To consider membership of outside bodies-Association of Parish Councils, Cheshire Community Action. This item was deferred, as the meeting was not quorate.
16 There was concern about the "going rate" for staff and councillors of 55.8p per mile. However it was agreed to pay at this rate for the time being. It was agreed to pay Cllr Edwards £37-94 expenses. It was agreed to pay the street cleaner £144, the clerk £139-37 and £31-13 in expenses. It was agreed that there was a need for more people to sign, on both the Parish Council account, and the Village Hall account.
The meeting closed at 9.30pm.