Churton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 7th July at 8pm

1. Present, Cllrs Angela Palmer(Chair), Helen Dearden, Jan Edwards, Diana Mander; Paul Roberts, Richard Prosser and the Clerk.
2. Apologies were received from Jennie Clayton (on holiday).
3. Fabric of the hall. A skirting board is getting very rotten. Richard Prosser knows a local man, Tim Moore, who does a lot of similar jobs. Angela will let him in if necessary. He can also act as a plumber, so he can look at the gent's toilet which either doesn't flush, or will not stop flushing.
4. Co-option of councillors. Mr Richard Prossor offered his services. This was accepted unanimously. An acceptance of office form was signed.
5. Minutes of the meeting on May 5th were accepted as an accurate record.
6. Further items for discussion. There are vegetation issues in various parts of the parish. Diana Mander said speeding in Sibbersfield Lane was a problem.
7. Vice-chair. Cllr Jan Edwards was unanimously elected vice-chair.
8. Notice-board. Near the telephone box seemed the best location, or perhaps near the pub garden. The 3 ward councillors will have a budget, and will be asked to help. Re-claiming VAT on bills 2008-9 will also produce some funds.
9. Sign for bench. Craig had been contacted for wording the sign. It had been agreed to accept the quote from Hales the Jewellers for £25.
10. Speeding. People needed to be trained up to operate SID. Gordon Forest, and others had offered to help. Ron Parker, Geoff Huckerby and Alan Maddock had been trained. It was agreed to try and arrange a Saturday morning training session. CH will find out when the police would be able to do the training. He will liaise with Derek Bowker. Speed in Sibbersfield Lane was a problem. Unfortunately vehicles were doing 60mph, so were not breaking speed limits. It is a narrow lane, with corners and bends. It was not really safe to do more than 40mph. Perhaps taking down some trees may improve visibility. It was particularly dangerous for cyclists. It was agreed to contact Farndon PC to see it they would support a 40mph limit on Sibbersfield Lane and Chester Road to Farndon. Paul Roberts will raise the issue at Farndon Parish Council.
11. Job reference numbers had been given for problems in Hob Lane, Stannage Lane and erosion of grass verges.
12. Donations. It was agreed to join Mid-Cheshire Footpaths Society This will be £8. It was agreed to donate £50 to the North West Air Ambulance.
13. Signs on road. This has been dealt with by various emails.
14. Cllr Palmer will ask for a brown bin for the village hall.
15. There is a meeting on July 13th at 2pm for the Community Spirit competition.
16. There is a meeting on August 4th at 8pm with CW & C about service agreements.
17. Electoral arrangements. It was agreed to stay with 8 members of the Parish Councils, 4 from Churton by Alford and 4 from Churton by Farndon. It was agreed that the Parish Council would prefer to be in a single member ward, including Farndon and Aldford, and was very much against the proposed large 3-member ward.
18. The Council had also received communication from the Land registry and What's on in Cheshire & Chester, and the usual publications.
19. Report from Craig on the Village Plan was received.
20. The Village Hall barbecue had been a great success, even though the licence for the event had been lost. The weather had been excellent, it had been well attended and the atmosphere was wonderful. It was agreed to follow up Gordon Forster's offer to take over the treasurer-ship of the Village Hall. It was suggested to buy an item, such a gazebo to help the Village Hall from the barbecue. A person had been kindly lending us a gazebo, and couldn't be expected to indefinitely. It was agreed to fund an extra hour per week for the cleaners.
Paul Roberts commented that the Village Hall and Parish Council funds had to be kept completely separate.
21. Best kept village competition. Cllr Palmer had spoken to Wright-Manley about an unsightly for sale sign. They will remove it as soon as possible.
22. Planning. Only news was the official refusal note for the proposed extension on The Old Post Office.
23. The CW&C Forum meeting in Malpas had been a success. Councillors would look forward to the next meeting.
24. Hedges along Chester Road needed cutting again. It was agreed to write to the Barnston Estate again. There was also a corner overgrown near The White Horse. The Clerk will politely ask the owner of the nearby property whose responsibility it is.
25. The Clerk will also contact the Housing Trust re: vegetation at Hob Lane/ Stannage Lane junction.
26. Cllr Angela Palmer had asked about the annual polo match. This year it would be free entry, so not raising any money for the Parish Councils.
27. The meeting closed at 9.23pm.