Draft minutes of the meeting of Churton Parish Council held at 8pm on September 8 2009 in Churton Village Hall.

Present Cllrs Angela Palmer(Chair), Helen Dearden, Jan Edwards, Diana Mander, Richard Prosser, Jennie Clayton; Mr Gordon Forrest (first part), Mr Charles Higgie (clerk)

1. Apologies were received from CW&C Councillors Neil Ritchie, Ann Wright and Mike Jones.

2. Co-option. There had been no interest in the vacancy on the council

3. Other agenda matters
Road markings- considered minute 5C
Christmas trees- considered minute 9
Audit training- considered minute 11
E-mails - there was a need to reduce the number of emails. If councillors want to not receive emails on a particular topic they are to inform the clerk. Clerk to try and give more guidance on how important he feels the emails are. The clerk will print out police reports and put them on the notice-boards.

4. Minutes of Meeting of July 7th were accepted as a true record.

5. Matters arising.
A) Notice board. The council will apply for funding for the new notice board.
B) Sign for bench. Clerk to attach to bench. He will also lock and chain it to the fence again.
C) Road/Traffic issues. Some of the road markings have faded. Going into Churton and coming out of Churton towards Farndon and near the junction on Sibbersfield Lane, and also along Sibbersfield Lane itself. Clerk to contact Highways department. He is also to ask about rumble strips to slow down traffic, on both north and south sides of the village, on Chester Road. Chair is looking into getting a team of volunteers for speed guns.

6. Minutes of Meeting of August 4th were approved as a correct record.

7. Matters arising
A) The Information Policy was approved. Requests for information should go to the clerk. Information send electronically will be free, and information required by post will be charged costs.
B) Standing Orders deferred to next meeting.
C) Gordon Forrest has kindly agreed to be the internal auditor. The books are with him at the moment.

8. Council representative at the Best Kept Village Award ceremony. Cllr Jan Edwards will sort it out.

9. Parish Plan. Craig wants to resign as chairman. Bron was concerned that the plan may drop as a lot of work had been done. We will continue with it. Hopefully we will be able to get round the bureaucracy. A simple plan will be done. Craig will be chair until Christmas. Hopefully Paul Roberts will take over the chair. Another person, Mr Neil Patten has volunteered to be chair the "events" side of the committee's business. Hopefully a working party can do some work on the hall, such as painting. Other events are being considered. A Halloween party or a cheese or wine may be a good idea. A newsletter will be sent out asking people to join the committee. A random sample will be used to update villagers' views. The village pump is in use again.

10. Christmas lights. It was hoped that people will put up Christmas trees and lights. This was not a matter the parish council would get involved with.

11. Cheshire West and Chester matters. Cllr Mike Jones had sorted out the proposed scheme for electoral registration, and now the rural areas will get treated in the same way as the other areas. However there were concerns in other areas. We were told that we could have a brown bin for the Hall, but is hasn't arrived yet. Chairman will continue to ask for one. She has also reported a broken street light in Stannage Lane, but it is still not fixed. She will continue to chase this up too. The clerk is also waiting for a long arm litter-picker to arrive.

12. As the books were with Gordon Forrest it was not possible to write out cheques. It was agreed to pay subscription to the Association of Local Councils and to pay the clerk/ street cleaner. It was agreed to support Gordon Forrest on an auditor's course, and Jan Edwards on a course about recruiting, etc for volunteers.

13. Next meeting - Tuesday November 3rd 2009 in Churton Village Hall at 8pm.

14. The meeting finished at 9.15pm.