Present: Cllr. David Mundy, Chair
Parish Councilors: Cllrs. Helen Dearden, Janet Edwards, Angela Palmer, Tanja Korfkamp, Alan Maddock.
Apologies: Cllrs. John Gallagher, City Cllr. Paul Roberts.

The Minutes of the January 18th 2005 had been circulated as hard copy and there was only one amendment - para. 4 to show that the balance of the street lights grant would be claimed as soon as possible (after installation of further lamp(s) if this proves acceptable to the County Council)


Village Pump. The stone sets for the surround have been delivered to the Farmyard opposite the pump and Eaton Estates foreman thinks that the beginning of April is a realistic time for them to renovate the stone walls which enclose the pump. He also said that it would be in order for the CPC to go ahead with laying the sets prior to that. The Meeting agreed that the contractor should be asked to proceed with the work and also requested that suitable notices should be sourced:
To show the completion of the work (date etc)
To disclaim any possible legal action resulting from accidents due to mis-use of
the equipment.
CPC should also begin to look at the possibility of a celebrity conducting a grand opening with press in attendance.

Village Hall. The option of transferring the responsibility of operating the Hall to the Parish Council was again discussed. The idea was accepted in general and it was left the Chairman to take the present Village Hall Committee through the questions which the Charity Commission have asked. If a satisfactory position is reached before the AGM (April 19th 2005) then the matter can be decided at that time.

Street Lighting. The Clerk has been unable to obtain any advice from Mr. Neil Heller with regard to the provision of one or two new lights. This will be followed up ASAP.

Notice Boards. The contractor has been instructed to go ahead with the two new units as described in the January Minutes and to install the New Lane one in front of the stone wall.

Village Web Site. This is still in its temporary location. Further items to be added (see below)

Gasification Project. A letter of objection had been sent to Wrexham and Chester City Councils. The Clerk will obtain other addresses to which the objections should be presented and these passed to the Chairman and Cllr. Alan Maddock. It was noted that last weeks' Wrexham Leader carried an article indicating that the Managements of other industries local to the site have raised potential problems should the project receive planning permission.

Village Competition. In the absence of Cllr. Gallagher it was decided to discuss the matter at the AGM. It was noted that the Hall windows had been repaired - these were mentioned by the Inspectors last year. The Clerk was asked to source two new waste bins, preferably similar to the one situated in front of the White Horse. One of the worst potholes in Pump Lane had been filled (in a rather slipshod manner)

Speed Monitor. Four sessions, each of about an hour, had been conducted and the results found to be alarming both in terms of the volume of traffic and in the number of vehicles exceeding the 40mph limit. The full results had been obtained in the form of a spread sheet from the City Council and this CD was handed to Cllr. Dearden for further analysis to be made. A bar chart presentation had been executed by CCC and a copy is attached. The suggested action was to contact City Cllr. Paul Roberts and also to forward the data to the County Council.


Footpaths. The problem with the footpath from Churton (Pump Lane) to Cuddington will be monitored by the Chairman.

Millenium Garden. It was decided to try to identify the size of the plot suggested by Eaton Estates and also to establish the annual cost of any related lease. These facts can then be presented at the AGM in order to build up a picture of the layout preferred by the Village residents.

Tattenhall Ambulance Station. A letter from the planning authority showed that no decision had yet been made as to the new location, or indeed the future method of operating the service. Their offer to speak at a CPC Meeting will be accepted by the Clerk who will inform them of the CPC Meeting dates over the next few months.

Dual Rating. The City Council have finally resolved the problem and will be paying Parish Councils at the rate of 50 pence per head of population - a total of one hundred and fortyfive pounds in Churtons' case.

Police stop -and-search. Notices showing the way the new regulations will work have been placed on the notice boards - anyone involved will be given a written reason for the stop.

Area South Grants. These will be decided from April 2005 onward. An application is already in requesting assistance with cost of the two new notice boards and the councilors were asked to identify any other needs in the Village, one possibility being improvement of the ceiling of the main area in the Village Hall

Council Quality Status. This had been rejected at a previous Meeting of the CPC but a list of web sites was made available for Councilors wishing to explore further any possible benefits the Status might confer on CPC.

Fire Service. CPC had received an offer from the Service to conduct free of charge safety surveys in residents premises. The Meeting decided that this should be taken up and that the offer would be displayed in Focus and on the Village notice boards. Cllr. Dearden will arrange for display on the Village web site.

Citizens Advice Bureau. A weekly service has been set up to provide advice in the Farndon Village Hall. Details will be shown on the notice boards and also on the web site (Cllr. Dearden to arrange the latter)

CPRE Membership. The renewal notice had been received and the Meeting decided that Churton should remain members.

Street Names. A problem remains at the junction of Hob Lane, Knowle Lane and Stannage Lane. The Clerk will contact the City Council to try to resolve the confusion.

Cheques authorized

000121 Clerical fees, final qtr. to end March 2005 130.51
000122 Litter picking - - - ditto - - - 213.33
000126 CPRE membership renewal 25.00

At 9.20pm there was no further business and the Meeting was closed.