TUESDAY 16th MAY, 2006

Present: Clr. David Mundy, Chair
Parish Councilors: Janet Edwards, John Gallagher, Howard Mead, Alan Maddock
City Clr. Paul Roberts
Apologies: Helen Dearden, Angela Palmer


The Minutes of the March meeting were read, approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman. The Minutes from the April meeting were also summarized.


Village Hall management. A formal request to the Charity Commission for change of Trusteeship to the CPC had been made by the Chairman, who had also notified the current members of the Hall Management committee.

Village pump. The plaques have been received from the manufacturers and were shown to the Councilors. These will be attached to the walls of the pump area. Clr. Dearden had been requested to remind Eaton Estates of their commitment to refurbish these same walls.

Road Traffic Signs. The Highways department will be asked to examine the location of the sign at the end of Sibbersfield Lane.

Stannage Lane end. The grassed area has been started and the new grass mown once. The volunteers have been thanked by letter and the owners of the mechanical equipment have been presented with a small thank you gift. The site needs extending to the end of the area (probably in September) and consolidating with a roller. Clerk to contact the Farndon School for permission to borrow their roller. And it was suggested that a notice be displayed requesting that drivers should avoid the area.

Street lighting. Chester CC to be requested to produce the plan of lamp locations on A3; the lamp numbers will probably have to be overwritten manually to make them legible.

Crime reports. Clerk to request that these pieces of information should be sent direct to the Village web site.

Speed limits. Following the lowering of the Village limit to 30mph, it was generally agreed that a request be made for a limit (40 or 50mph) to cover the area between Farndon and Churton, and also as much of Sibbersfield Lane as possible. It was noted that the Farndon PC might lend weight to such a request. The area will be examined with a view to speed limitation criteria and an approach made to Cheshire CC.

CPC vacancy. This has been advertised in the appropriate way on the notice board and as no contact has been made with Chester CC a new member may be co opted. The position will also be displayed in the Chronicle.

Planning application. Modifications to the property at Briarfields have been submitted and Clr. Gallagher declared predjudicial interest before leaving the Meeting.
Discussion raised no objections, but it was suggested that the planning application should be modified to include the provision of a garage.

Chester District Local Plan. Councilors were reminded that the document can be examined at the Library or Town Hall.

Organisation memberships. The Councilors agreed to renew memberships of the CPRE, the Cheshire Community Parish Network and the Mid Cheshire Footpath Society. Cheques will be raised and sent to these organizations.

Election of CPC Officers. The current Chairman will relinquish office and some discussion followed as to who should assume responsibility. There were no individuals who felt that they would be able to offer the time required by the Chairmans' position and so a provisional arrangement was proposed the the duties should be shared:
Clr. Alan Maddock would assume the Chair at future meetings;
Clr. Janet Edwards would deal with the Councils' responses to Planning applications.
Clr. John Gallagher would deal with any other Council responses to official bodies which might be required.


Grass cutting around the village. Mr Ron Parker would be contacted by the Clerk to discuss attention to the areas at the back of the Village hall, the new grass plot at Stannage lane end and the grass around the trees opposite the Hall. The replacing of the metal guard rails will also be arranged, Clr. Gallagher will obtain a quotation.
The clerk has approached Chester CC with regard to obtaining suitable trees for planting around the village; the Countryside manager (Mike O'Kell) will advise on suitable locations and species after the CPC has selected what they regard as appropriate sites. He will also be available to help with future care of the trees. The CPC objective is to arrange planting in September 2006. It was also noted that saplings in the hedgerows can be left to grow upwards if suitably 'marked' before hedge cutting begins.

Village in pictures. It was suggested that a photo album be purchased in order to maintain a collection of local photographs, including an aerial shot of the Village. Clr. Gallagher will attend to the album while the clerk will locate sources/prices of overhead pictures of the area.

Drains. One of the drains (outside Briarfield) is severly blocked and will be reported to the Cheshire CC, along with a report of the area alongside the newly grassed patch on the left hand side of the main road, facing Chester.
City Councilors report. Courses have been arranged in Malpas covering computer acquisition, the use of the internet and other items of interest. Clr. Maddock will respond.

Knowl lane garden project. Now that Clr. Mundy will no longer operate as CPC Chairman, he will devote time to bringing this idea to fruition

At 9.15pm there was no other business and the meeting was closed.