Present: Chair, Cllr. Dearden
Parish Councillors: Cllrs. Maddock, Gallagher
Apologies: Cllrs. Korfkamp, Mundy, Palmer, Edwards, Mead.
City Cllr. Paul Roberts
Mr Paul Dearden also made a presentation showing the current state of the Village web site.

The Minutes of the 21st. September Meeting had already been circulated by e.mail; these were approved as a true record and signed by the acting chairperson, Helen Dearden.


Mobile speed indicator. It was proposed that the device be requested on the basis of its installation close to the old Red Lion and that it should be manned between approximately 7.30 - 9.30 am by a team of two (Paul Dearden and Graeme Ward.
A period from 4.30 - 5.30 would also be monitored by two Councillor volunteers. The Clerk would submit the application form on this basis.

Millenium Garden. Cllr. Dearden was asked to obtain such details as plot dimensions and rental cost from the Eaton Estate Manager in order that an outline proposal can be made to obtain development grant(s).

Village Competition. Cllr. Gallagher had summarised the 'marking sheets' received from the organisers.
The development plan which resulted included:-
Site of Pump to be weeded and generally tidied by Christmas, 2004 Action: Clerk
It will not be possible to complete re surfacing of the surround by then. Grants will be requested and the plan developed at the January meeting. In the meantime, Clerk to write to Kit Read (Eaton Estates) requesting action on the surrounding wall and possible donation of materials for repaving the area. The latest quote for re paving is approximately £ 1400, but this would be much less if we could obtain materials from Eaton Estates.
Notice boards. As a result of the refusal by our contractor to quote for softwood units (on the basis of lack of weather resistance) the Parish Council will probably elect to go for hardwood ones at the January Meeting. The notice of intent to move the New Lane board to the front of the stone wall has been posted on site.
White Horse Pub. Cllr. Gallagher will liaise with the publican and also contact Martin Bouchier at the Farndon Arms to seek advice on floral decoration for the Churton hostelry.
Commemorative trees. Cllr Gallagher will attend to the protective railing and talk to Mr Ron Parker about keeping the area tidy. The Clerk will also contact Council departments for possible assistance with this upkeep.
Village Hall. The Village Hall Committee will be contacted with a request for action on broken windows, leaking gutters and weeds in the front tiled area in an attempt to rectify the 'depressed air' recorded by the inspectors.
Rubbish bins. It was suggested that one or two more bins be installed in the Village. Parish Councillors will be contacted for ideas - whether this should be followed up and what sites should be used.
2005 Village Competition. The residents would be approached by 'flier' and an item in Focus during January 2005. Formats to be decided in January.

Footpaths. No action had been taken on the width of public paths across fields of crops. The problem will probably be that the Tenants seed the whole field, leaving walkers to create their own paths, which become narrower as the height of the plants increase and cause them to lean in towards the gap. It was noted that a signpost on the path from Sibbersfield Road to Marsh Lane. Clerk to contact the relevant Council department.

Possible Incinerator Project. Cllr Roberts indicated that the Wrexham Council were anticipating a planning application for a waste disposal unit of some kind. For Councillors interested there is a web site at www.anti-incinerator.org.uk
Cllr. Maddock reported that public meetings will be held by the County Council, who are looking at the whole question of waste disposal and in particular how little Cheshire will be able to put to landfill.
Hedge cutting. A letter from Mr Michael Trevor-Barnston outlined the problems faced by his tenants. He declined to chase his tenants personally, but offered to supply contact details to Churton P.C. so that direct action could be taken if the Parish see fit.
It was noted that some of the footpaths in the Village centre are overgrown and that the owners should be delicately requested to deal with the problem.

Road maintenance. Church Lane and Church Street (Farndon) are to be resurfaced from November 20th 2004 for five days. Stannage Lane will be dealt with from 1st December 2004 for two days. Residents and diversions will be notified.


Age Concern. This organisation contacted the Parish to request identification of a resident volunteer to act as a 'Village Link' and provide the initial point of contact between the Advice Centres in Hartford, Chester and Neston and any village resident who might benefit from receiving advice relating to older people. City Cllr. Paul Roberts was asked to include an invitation for a volunteer in the next issue of FOCUS

Air Ambulance. The group will have to obtain a new helicopter in December 2008 and have requested donations. It was decided to deal with this item in January 2005, when the Parishs' financial position will be clearer and the precept for 2005 can be set. The current estimate for cash available at end March 2005 is £ 1300

Police Forum. A questionnaire was passed to Cllr. Maddock for his comments and return to their head office.

Ethics. A monograph from the Standards Board relating to the Code of Conduct was distributed to the Councillors.

Village web site. This is now temporarily on the internet at www.zen54644.zen.co.uk
(which will change to www.churton.chester.gov when the County Council host the site) Cllr. Gallagher and Mr. Dearden had created both historical and current information about the Village, ably and willingly assisted by Mr Ron Parker, complete with photographs. There are links to both City and County Council sites with provision for notices, meeting minutes etc. A 'map' of the contents will be circulated to all Councillors in order to attract further ideas and Cllr. Maddock will provide timing access bench marks for users with 'dial-up' internet access.
Material to be provided on a regular basis (using e.mail) by the clerk will cover the year-end accounts, agendas, dates and minutes of meetings, planning applications as they are received from the City and Village Hall bookings, with Cllr. Gallaagher keeping Neighbourhood Watch notes up to date. (As outlined in the September meeting) It was hoped that local people would provide more items Local notice boards would be used together with Focus to advise residents of the web facility and inviting historical and current topics for inclusion.

At 10.05 pm there was no further business and the meeting closed.