Present: Cllr. David Mundy, Chair
Parish Councillors: Alan Maddock, Janet Edwards, Tanja korfkamp, John Gallagher, Angela Palmer
Apologies: Helen Dearden, Howard Mead
City Councillor: Paul Roberts

The Minutes of the November 16th. 2004 meeting were read and approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Village pump. Eaton Estates have agreed to repair the surrounding stone wall and to supply enough stone sets (delivered to the farmyard opposite the pump site) to cover the area around the pump. These operations should both be completed by the end of February. The Councillors agreed to instruct the builder in Holt to proceed with laying the sets and fitting a suitable manlid to the shaft for the quoted sum of £ 975 as soon as his time permits.

Footpaths. Grosvenor Farms had replied to a letter from the Chairman about the narrow paths left across fields of crops. They agreed to increase the width of such paths to 1.5 metres to allow for plants being blown down by the wind. In future, any complaints should be directed to the Farm Office.

Finance. The Village Hall Committee requested that any negative balance at the year end should be underwritten by the Churton Parish Council in order to ensure that the facility is not lost. This wish to retain the Hall was backed up by several of the Councillors, with the proviso that the amount of money passed over should not be unlimited. The Hall Committee have plans to increase the frequency of bookings for the Hall as soon as the much needed repairs to windows etc. have completed. The capacity of the Hall for such events was thought to be about 100 people. The level of cash shortfall was expected to be in the range £ 2 - 300 per annum and the Parish Councillors were asked to come up with ideas for generating revenue. The question of the Parish Council becoming responsible for the Hall was discussed, probably as Trustees of the Hall charity.
On the matter of finance, it was agreed that the Precept should remain at £ 1500

Street lighting. After the new lamps were installed last year there remained a part (£ 670) of the Area South grant , which CPC had been unable to claim without a County Council invoice to cover the amount. The Council will now explore the possibility of a further one or two lamps being installed with Mr. Neal Heller of CCC.

Notice boards. The licence to move the New Lane board to the front of the wall has been received and the Council decided that we should proceed with the manufacture and installation of two new boards in hard wood at the price quoted by Mr. Tony Crofts of Holt (£ 475 each) Details of the City Council requirements will be passed to the contractor (Mr. Tony Crofts) together with a wish that the New Lane board will still display the plaque taken from the existing board.

Website. No discussion was possible in relation to a publication date in the absence of Cllr. Dearden, but it was noted that the Police information board would be linked to the Churton site.

Gasification project, Wrexham Ind. Estate. Local meetings are proposed to discus this, at Farndon on 4th February
Holt 31st. January
The Chester CC are also to hold a meeting at which it was hoped HLC would be available for questioning. A notice should be displayed at all meetings that any points which residents wish to raise should be taken up initially with parish or City Councillors. Cllr. Roberts was requested to make reference to the HLC development in the next issue of Focus.
The offer by HLC for a small number of Councillors to be given a site tour at the Avonmouth plant would be further investigated.

Village competition. It was agreed to enter again this year following the modest success of last years' venture. Cllr. Gallagher circulated a 'flier' to be distributed to Churton residents with one of the editions of Focus. The railings at the 'tree site' have been attended to and name plates were thought to be needed here and also on the Pump

Waste bins. It was suggested that the PC ask City Council for two new concrete bins to be installed at the junction of the main road and Stannage Lane (opposite Briarfield) and in New Lane near to the Village notice board. Mr Alan Baird (Chester CC) has been approached and will probably be able to supply and fit these two bins for £ 50 each.

Air Ambulance. The essential voluntary facility had made a request for a donation to help purchase a new helicopter in five years time and the Council agreed to make £ 50 pounds over to them as we did last year.
Area South meeting. This was covered by Cllr. Maddock. The points were that Churton should examine local bus fares to see if the Dodleston ploy of withdrawal of return fares iss being used locally and also that CPC should make a representation to the controlling body of the Tattenhall Ambulance station should be moved to Dragon Hall on the A 41 rather than to Waverton as has been proposed.

Police Forum. The Chief Constable reiterated the fall in crime (particularly burglary) by some 30% and said that the Police operation in the area is to be changed by increasing the manning level. A crime survey had been carried out and the results of this will be displayed both on the Churton web site and on the Notice boards.

Road surfaces. The main road is becoming very rough and the potholes in Pump Lane were noted for mention to the Highways people at Mickle Trafford.

Footpaths. There is a resident-organised obstruction to one of the paths in the Pump Lane area. It was thought that this was as a result of a misunderstanding and the Chairman promised to resolve the matter

Speed monitor (from Area South) The request is being dealt with and CPC will be informed when the unit is likely to become available for Churton.

Cheques authorised since October 2004

000116 Litter picking; 2nd. Qtr. 2004 218.79
000117 Clerks' fees, " 130.51
000118 Hacker-Young, audit to end March 2004 82.25
000119 Clerks' fees 3rd. qtr. 2004 130.52
000120 Litter Picking, " 213.33
000123 Donation, N.W. Air ambulance 50.00

At 9.35 pm there was no further business and the Meeting was closed.