Present: Clr.Alan Maddock, Chair
Parish Councillors: David Mundy, Howard Mead, Angela Palmer, Diana Mander
Apologies: Janet Edwards, Helen Dearden, John Gallagher; City Clr. Paul Roberts

The Minutes of the July meeting had been circulated by e.mail; Clr. Mead proposed acceptance and Clr. Mundy seconded the motion.


Village hall management. Clr. Mundy said that the transfer of Trusteeship to the CPC will be complete when the notices advising of the change have been on the boards for the requisite period of one month.
The tasks involved in operating the Charity would be allocated:
Accounts: Graeme Ward, Clerk to CPC tel:270770
Hall bookings: Nicola Ferrier 271152
Arranging maintenance, etc: David Bryan & Craig Eddleston
A notice will be displayed on the Village boards giving access information.
The Clerk would also be available to allow tradesmen etc. access to the hall as required.
It was proposed that there should be a quarterly or half yearly report from a newly established management Committee to be arranged at the beginning of the nearest CPC Meeting and that the final report should be issued at the January meeting so as to allow the financial position to be displayed before the annual City council precept is decided. These proposals were accepted and the councilors who would form the management committee for the Village Hall would be:-
. Howard Mead
David Mundy
Angela Palmer
These Village hall management committee members would then elect their own Chairman.
The clerk undertook to update the list of Councillors' e.mail addresses etc. and to circulate this information in order to make communication between members easier.
One of the first tasks should be to clarify the situation regarding grass cutting by specifying the detail of the agreement with Mr. Ron Parker, to quantify payments due and to bring payment up to date.

Village pump. The work on the surrounding walls has still not been carried out as promised by Mr Mike Westwood. The required actions were specified as:
Obtain outside quotations for the work and submit these to Eaton Estates together with a letter stating that the CPC would have the work carried out independently of Eaton.
Clr. Dearden to progress the job with the Estate once more
The clerk to speak with Eaton Estate staff at the Aldford office.
The plaques, mounted on hardwood blocks, showing those involved in the refurbishment and warning the public not to drink the water are now all ready to fit.

Road signs As a result of the new 30mph speed limit through the village these need updating. New 30mph signs have been installed, but remain covered up (presumably awaiting corresponding amendment of the painted warnings on the road.) The clerk will seek a completion date from Cheshire CC. and show this at the November meeting of the CPC.

Street lighting. The two new lamps are installed and working and although no light shield has been fitted to the lamp near Mulberry Clr. Palmer said that it was not causing any inconvenience in their home. The clerk to chase the provision of an invoice for the work to enable the balance of the grant obtained from the Area South Committee, to establish what the new post numbers will be and to add these numbers to the maps of the village which have already been provided to facilitate reporting lamp failures.

Speed monitoring. The clerk was asked to obtain the monitor for use outside Cherry Tree Cottage as soon as the work on the warning signs had been changed to read 30mph.
Several new sites for speed checks outside the limited area were identified in Sibbersfield Lane, in Pump lane, near to Briarfield and at the entrance to Grange farm. The clerk to submit these proposed sites to the Police for their approval, to be used with the new speed guns which the local police have obtained. The idea is at first to carry out a quantitative survey, merely showing the numbers of vehicles and their speeds at these points.

Knowl lane garden. Clr. Mundy had no progress to report, but was given some details of potential grant sources and the business card of the Business in the Community representative (Helen Williamson) who gave a presentation to the CPC of possible management help last September.

Tree planting. Clr. Gallagher had been successful in obtaining a number of trees at no cost and the clerk was asked to circulate the provisional map of suitable planting locations to the CPC members. If enough sites cannot be agreed upon, then the saplings could be offered to residents for their own use.

Village Quiz. Clr. Mead said that because of the difficulty which he had last year in fielding a four person team for all the fixtures, it was probably not a feasible item for 2006-2007. The entrance fee of twenty pounds would not therefore be paid this year but a notice of the event will be displayed on the notice boards in case any residents are interested.

Area South meeting. The next one would be covered by Clr. Mead.

CPC Accounts Audit. The figures had been submitted to the nominated auditors and given their approval. Notices to this effect have been displayed on the Notice boards, to remain for 14 days.

Police Forum. The offer of a dedicated officer for Churton was turned down on the basis of its cost, together with the fact the other local Parish Council (notably Farndon) were not keen to go ahead with the scheme.

Grassed area, Briarfield. This is now complete and a quantity of spring bulbs had been obtained by Clr. Gallagher. Cutting and rolling have been carried as a routine.
The Cheshire railings on the opposite side of Stannage lane have been cleared of grass and weeds preparatory to painting. Three quotes had been obtained, ranging from five hundred to over a thousand pounds and a grant application had been submitted to the City council by the Village hall committee (the grant could only go to a charity) on behalf of the CPC. If successful this will attract five hundred pounds and if the grant is given then the quotation of six hundred and fifty pounds will be taken up with the contractor.

N.W.Air Ambulance. This service is run on donations and the organization has once again asked for help from CPC. The meeting voted to give fifty pounds towards operating costs.

Police Authority. The Chairman told the meeting that four lay members are needed by the Authority to assist in developments and handed out the details to the Councillors.

Planning permission. The plot at Barton which was originally Pickerings dairy had permission granted some time ago and this concerns a time extension of that permission. The Councillors asked the clerk to obtain the details of the original application.

Village Plan. The clerk had missed the meeting at Mickle Trafford on the previous Tuesday but had obtained some information from Chester CC provided by a staff member who had attended and who had made a presentation on the subject. These documents were passed to Cllr. Palmer for consideration.

Local crimes. The recent spate of criminal activity in the region was highlighted, together with a request that the Homewatch group be advised and their next meeting date displayed on the notice boards and web site. The law breaking involved arson where coniferous hedges are being torched (only the ones which are kept well trimmed) and confidence tricksters who pose as Water Authority staff to gain entry to houses; in Churton this was a cottage in Stannage Lane, where the men made off with a considerable amount of the householders' pension.

Training for Councillors. Clr. Mander will be attending a short course on Parish council operations next month.

Chester Polo. The polo field at Grange Farm is operated on behalf of Chester Racecourse and their office is in the racecourse complex. Details of entry fees and membership had already been obtained and the Chester CC allowed the Grange farm site on the basis.that no planning permission is needed for this type of change of use on rural land provided that the new use only takes place on 28 days each year. The Planning Enforcement officer was unaware that the two small tents had been left erected permanently but these have now been dismantled. However, the goalposts, perimeter boards etc. are still in place and it is difficult to see how the site can be used for any normal farming activity. The clerk will speak to the Enforcement Officer once more, taking pictorial evidence of the state of the area.

Bank Account. In the light of the potential departure of Clr. Edwards a new signatory to the accounts was authorized; Clr. Maddock will be added to the existing list of Clrs. Mundy, Edwards and Palmer.

Cheques Approved Pounds Sterling.

000157 Grass seed and bulbs for the new grassed area 21.98
000158 Clerk fees, Aug/Sep 2006 132.12
Litter picking, ditto 150.80
000159 Spring bulbs for new grassed area 10.98
000160 String etc.for strimmer - Chester rail area 11.49
000161 N W Air ambulance donation 50.00

At 9.15 pm there was no further business and the Chairman closed the meeting.