TUESDAY, 20th MARCH 2007

Present: Clr. Alan Maddock, Chair
Parish Councillors: Helen Dearden, Janet Edwards, Howard Mead, David Mundy, Angela Palmer
City Councillor: Paul Roberts (joined meeting later)
Apologies: John Gallagher, Diana Mander, Graeme Ward


Clr. Helen Dearden was appointed temporary clerk for this meeting (prop. Angela Palmer, sec. David Mundy

The minutes of the January meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman (prop. Helen Dearden, sec. Janet Edwards)

An issue had been identified at a training course was that the Council Standing Orders for the operation of Parish Councils required that for a PC to make a decision (as opposed to simply discuss) any matter it must be on the agenda for that meeting.
A copy of the Council Standing Orders had been requested and would be circulated with a view to deciding an appropriate course of action. At the next meeting.

MATTERS ARISING (not specified as an agenda item)

Village Plan. Discussed at length; although Plan must be driven by village residents, the Parish Council should take the initiative for the project.
Conclusion was to include on the agenda for the AGM; Clr. Edwards would prepare a short presentation to stimulate discussion and would also prepare a flyer to raise interest and attendance at the AGM.

Tree planting. Thus far the necessary written permissions had not been received. Clr. Gallagher requested assistance in obtaining these. Clrs. Edwards and Mead volunteered their help.

Planning applications. No new ones received.
Desford House - approved, subject to new facing being matched to existing (colour & texture)
Garden Cottage - approved, subject to the same conditions. And also that there should be no roof lights on the North facing slope without further planning permission.
Outstanding - planning applications relating to the stables in Stannage Lane and the Polo ground. The clerk to progress both items.

City Clr. Paul Roberts advised that prior to erecting the stables, the owner had taken advice from the City Council and had been told that permission was not required. It is not a clear cut issue and the owner was now discussing the matter with the Council so that the situation can be rectified if need be.

Speeding. The issue of the new speed limit should be added to the AGM agenda.
Mr Geoff Huckerby had written to the Chief Constable asking for his help in enforcing the 30mph limit in Churton. His response had simply been to direct the CPC to other authorities, including the Roads Liaison Officer and the Cheshire Police Roads Policing Unit.
Churton needs hard evidence to support the claim that traffic continues to speed through the Village. The dates available for the reactive monitor will be obtained from the Area South Committee before the AGM so that there can be discussion and (hopefully) volunteers identified to operate it. The speed gun has had a suitable location approved and training should be complete before the end of May. It is recommended that hreee people support the device, one to identify target vehicles, one to operate the gun and one to record the make, colour and registration number of the target vehicle.
The grant application for two reactive speed indicators to be erected in the middle of the village has evidently failed as the date for advising the winner has passed,

Cheshire Assoc. For Local Councils. (CALC) CPC had previously decided not to subscribe again but were told that such notice of withdrawal must be submitted by December of the year preceding the renewal year. As this requirement had not been known in time, we will pay the overdue fee for 2006/07 and the renewal for 2007/08. CLAC will be notified before December 2007 of our intended withdrawal.

Area South Committee. The next meeting is on March 29th. In Doddleston; Clr. Mundy agreed to attend.

Rural Area South Meeting. Clr. Dearden explained that the purpose of the Priorities into Actions Workshop had been to take the main concerns of the Rural area and develop short, medium and long-term actions that could be taken to address them.
Specific points to note were the importance of Parish Plans in bringing villages together and the possible use of 'Welcome Packs' for new villagers. Suck packs could contain information on local services, contacts such as Councillors, where to obtain 'dog-bags', neighbourhood watch information, Village Hall information, website address etc. The possibility of producing a two page information note would be progressed.

Village Garden. Clr Mundy advised that he had not received a response from Chester City Council with regard to the use of the site at River Lane. He will progress the issue.

Village Pump. Clr Mundy reported that Mike Westwood (Grosvenor Estates) had promised that the work needed on the surrounding wall would be completed in the next two weeks.

Highways. Clr. Mundy reported the Grosvenor Farm vehicles had damaged the grass verges along Pump Lane. Barbara Winnard had complained directly to GFL and had been assured that the verge would be repaired. Clr. Mundy and the Clerk to write to Mark Roach, GFL, to confirm that the necessary work would be done.

Chester City Council matters. City Clr. Roberts informed the meeting that:
The results of the Local Government review would be published very soon but could not anticipate the outcome.
Chester Sports and Leisure Park. The proposal had been consigned back to the drawing board.
'Buses Case' The decision of the Courts is awaited.
Waste Collection changes. There had been an approximately 15% response to the consultation, with overall support for the three 'wheelie-bin' solution.
Clean Neighbourhoods. Chester District won an award as the fifth cleanest district in the Country.
Townfield Lane project. City Clr. Roberts advised that in his opinion it was likely that the Planning Application for 43 new homes in Farndon would obtain approval since most of the concerns raised by the previous application had now been addressed,

Rural Area South grants. Applications for grants had to be in by May 4th. It was therefore suggested that any applications could be made after the AGM. One such project could be the installation of suitable speed reduction measures.

Cheques approved. (amendment to Nov. 2006 minute)
000165 Audit fee, 2006-07 58.75
000167 Completion of new lighting, Stannage Lane 1551.00
New Approvals
000168 Village competition, 2007 20.00
000169 Pots for cherry trees (Pump Lane project) 23.94
000170 Clerks fees & litter picking, Feb/Mar 2007 282.89
000171 CALC standing orders copy 15.00
000172 CALC subs, 2007/08 54.82
000174 CALC subs, 2006/07 (overdue) 51.87