Present: Chair, Angela Palmer
Parish Councillors: Alan Maddock, Howard Mead, Helen Dearden, John Gallagher, Janet Edwards
Apologies: David Mundy, Tanja Korfkamp
City Councillor: Cllr. Paul Roberts
Mr. Paul Dearden also attended to provide guidance on the proposed village web site.

The Minutes of the 19th. July Meeting had been circulated; these were approved as a true record and signed by the Deputy Chairman, Angela Palmer


Mobile speed indicator. At present, no operating crew has been nominated to control the device. It was felt that details of the trailer size and operating requirements should be obtained in order to identify a suitable site before submitting the application.

Millennium Garden. No progress had been made on this project.

Village Competition. It appears that it would be necessary to attend the prize giving meeting in October in order to obtain results quickly. However, as the Council do not feel that Churton is likely to be a recipient, the Clerk will try to obtain feedback from the inspection which was made in order to improve presentation next year.

Village Pump. This is now functional and the water was tasted by the group which installed the pump and piping. It now remains for the surround to be re paved in a suitable manner and a quote was to hand for the sum of £ 3000, covering the base and re pointing of the wall. This was felt to be excessive and alternative prices will be sought, separating the wall work from the paving. The Clerk will also move to obtain funding for the project.

Local Footpaths. The matter of narrow paths through fields in crop has been progressed by Cllr. Mundy with Eaton Estates (Mr. Keith Reed); we now await response from the tenants involved.

Notice Boards. The general feeling of the meeting was that the price already quoted for two new boards in hardwood was on the high side and that the Clerk should obtain a second price for the same units in pine. The P.C. would then consider these two alternatives at the next meeting. It was felt that the new units should be kept locked and that any body other than the Parish Council should make due application for notices to be displayed.

County Incinerator. The Parish Council will await further developments before taking any action.

Village Web Site. Mr Dearden had provided a comprehensive list of possible web content which was discussed with the following results:

Topic Responsibility
Parish Council Minutes Clerk to e.mail copy to Mr Dearden
P. C. Accounts, Year end only "
Details of Parish Councillors "
Diary of Events "
Planning Applications, current "
Neighbourhood Watch items Cllr. John Gallagher to e.mail as above
Dog Warden & bag info. Cllr Angel Palmer "
Village Hall bookings Cllr. David Mundy "
Village Map Embroidered map in Hall to be used
Next Meeting Agenda Clerk to liaise with Chairman and e-mail

Other items included A-Z of Council services and responsibilities, details of G.P. availability, Post Office and Pharmacy, Crime figures, Refuse collection and recycling info., details of M.Ps and Euro M.Ps, bus times and Library availability and the provision of a key-word search tool would probably be available from the County Council web site.
Further developments such as News Letters, Lost & Found, Local interest and footpaths, and a site visitor counter can be arranged when the project is operational for the items listed with responsibilities shown, as above.

In addition, Cllr. Gallagher presented an excellent draft of the Village story for future inclusion in a Village web site. Contributions in the form of additions and amendments would be welcome, so that a complete picture of the Village and some of its history can be incorporated into a web site later on.

Hedge Cutting. This was again raised against the background that much of the hedgerow between Farndon and Churton is a danger to pedestrians and that some visibility for traffic has been lost due to overhanging bushes. The Clerk to approach Mr M Trevor-Barnston again with these points.

Road Maintenance. With respect to the condition of Stannage Lane, the Clerk has visited the County Highways Dept. it appears that money is now available to re surface the length of the road. However, due to the fact that the Contract with the current Contractors Jarvis runs out in October and that new work will have to be incorporated into a schedule with the Contractors taking over the maintenance, it is not possible at this stage to give a date for the start of the work.


Local disputes. It was noted that the City Council has the power to recommend a course of action to settle disputes between Village Residents.

Cllr. Gallagher asked that any resident with any knowledge of the history of Churton should contact him to help in rounding out the draft already described under the Web site item above.

Animal Road Accident Victims. Chester City Council have a function for the removal of roadside animal bodies.

At 8.40 there was no further business and the Meeting closed.