Present: Clr. Alan Maddock, Chair
Parish Councillors: Helen Dearden, John Gallagher, Diana Mander, David Mundy
City Council Leader: Paul Roberts (Part)
Apologies: Janet Edwards, Angela Palmer, Howard Mead

The Minutes of the September meeting had ben circulated by e.mail; Clr. Dearden proposed acceptance and Clr. Gallagher seconded the motion; the Chairman duly signed the document.


Clr.Dearden was asked to arrange for the Village web address to be circulated to all councilors. Her address has changed, the clerk will amend the list and circulate it.

Village Hall management. Clr. Mundy reported that the Scheme proposed by the Charity Commission is now finalized and copies were circulated to all Council members.
A list of contacts for operation of the Hall was shown and will be displayed on the Village notice boards, in the Hall lobby and in the White Horse.
In line with modified Public Safety guidelines, a risk assessment has been made and the safety guide together with a plan of the Hall will be displayed in the Hall lobby.
The Cheshire railings at the end of Stannage lane have been repainted and it was agreed that the Hall account should pass on the four hundred pound grant (fron Chester CC) to cover part of the cost while the CPC should contribute the balance of two hundred and fifty pounds.

Grass cutting. This is now up to date, including the new area opposite Briarfield and Mr Parker will continue to keep the designated areas tidy.

Village Pump. Clr. Dearden had had no success with Eaton Estates in terms of repairing the stone surrounding walls - they are extremely short of labour to carry out any work of this kind. The Clerk had obtained two quotations for this work and it was proposed that Clr. Mundy should speak to the manager at Eaton, suggesting that the CPC go ahead with contracting the job out leaving Eaton Estates to pay the invoice on completion.

Speed Limit. A photograph of one of the new signs had been taken by a newspaper photographer and a copy will be obtained for the Village Album.
The question of no repeater signs being sited in the village (there are now only 30mph signs at the extremities of the limited area) was raised and Clr. Roberts said that there is no requirement for these where the limit is 30mph. The Clerk will check which official regulation actually precludes the erection of repeaters in 30mph areas. The general feeling was that the lower limit has had a calming effect on through traffic.
The Police speed gun had been requested for operation just inside the margins of the limited area and we await their approval for the use of these sites. The speed monitor will be requested again in order to check the current speed profile, but this will be discussed at the January 2007 meeting of the CPC when councilors availability to operate it will be better known. Dates for using the device will then be be submitted to the Area South office. Clr. Roberts suggested that Cheshire CC will in all probability also do a review in order to assess the effectiveness of the 30mph limit.
Comments were made about speeding in Sibbersfield Lane and Pump Lane together with the observation that forty foot tilt trailers had become much more common on Sibbersfield Lane (probably due to the closure of the A41 at Whitchurch)

Village Garden. Clr. Mundy had been speaking to the landscape people at Chester CC. Alternatives of the plot behind Cross Cottage (planning applications for building here have been submitted in the past) and the walnut tree plot at the main road end of Stannage Lane (next to the Old School house, would be very noisy) had been suggested but rejected on those grounds and at present we await the outcome of further deliberations by the City planners, following which the CPC would have to approach the respective landowner and submit an application for change of use)

Tree planting. The saplings negotiated by Clr. Gallagher were now ready for collection and he will liaise with the clerk to do this - probably on December 2nd 2006. Because of the small size of the plants, they will be offered to village residents as planting in verges would be likely to result in loss of the seedlings.

Cheshire railings. As already mentioned, these have been repainted; unfortunately, the characteristic black vertical members have not been picked out (the whole fence is white)
The clerk will arrange for the correct uprights to be altered to black. After the work was complete it was found that Cheshire CC would have provided the raw materials and so a part invoice for the paint only will be obtained and submitted with a request for reimbursement by Cheshire CC. It was noted that some of the signposts in the village are in need of a new coat of paint so the clerk will progress this need with the authorities.

Air Ambulance. A thank you letter had been received from their office for the donation which the CPC made this year.

Village Plan. Farndon PC were engaged in discussing this option on the same night as this meeting. The clerk will obtain the results of their deliberations. It has already been arranged that two people from Chester Community Council will come to the CPC meeting in January 2007 to help outline ways of gaining the interest of residents and highlight the steps involved in the creation of such a Plan. Training dates for 2007 were displayed to allow any interested Councillor to attend.

Chester Polo. The City planning department have advised that they will be requesting the submission of an application for change of use for the field at Grange farm . The CPC will have sight of this application when it is made.

Training courses. Clr. Mander attended one of these which was intended as an introduction to the duties of Parish Councillors. She found it to be very instructive and had the opportunity to meet Councillors from other Parishes all of differing sizes. Dates for training through 2007 were displayed.

Saighton container store proposal. The Chairman had attended the discussion of this application and reported that the discussion had been very thorough, although he felt that the Planning Officer had been less than impressive. The net result was that the application was refused - in all probability the matter will go forward to appeal.

Disability Policy, The City Council have just circulated their consultation draft and the Councillors were asked to report back on any Churton resident whom they feel might derive benefit from any sort of assistance which might result from the scheme.


Rubbish collection review. It was felt that the questionnaire circulated to gather reidents' preferences in the matter of recyclable and waste collection in future had not been well handled as it appears that many people have not received a copy. The background is that the percentage of recycling has leveled off and from the experience of other councils who have raised their rate of recycle have only done so by introducing modified collection methods. The Council felt that the options offered were not sufficiently varied and that the only one which was any where near to being satisfactory was Option 3, which contained an amended mixture of bins and bags with weekly collections occuring every second week for each individual waste item. Progress of the forthcoming new collection plan will be closely monitored.

Crop spraying. The Council had been advised that some field in the vicinity of the Village had been sprayed with a corrosive liquid as part of the production ccycle. The clerk will ascertain the extent of this and the dangers likely to be experienced by users of local footpaths.

Local footpaths by main roads. The main road had at one time during the last month become excessively contaminated with mud and at the same time had made some paths, which were already thickly mud-covered, almost impassible. The clerk will contact the County Council with the aim of getting them cleared to allow safe passage for pedestrians.

New Lane/Pump Lane junction. It had been discovered that at one stage in the past there had been a grassed triangular island at this point and an enquiry had been received asking if that feature could be reinstated. The view was expressed that such a move would contribute a needless obstruction to traffic entering and leaving both the Stud farm and the dairy farm, particularly for milk collection and any emergency services which might be called on to attend in the area.

Crime reports. There had been a spate of phone calls purporting to notify of a parcel to be collected. These should be treated with great care to avoid payment of money to the illegal organization. Crime reports are available on the internet, but it was pointed out that these cover the whole of Cheshire and it would take some care to pick out those affecting our local area.

Signage. A new sign would be needed for the Trafalgar Day sapling - Clrs. Mundy and Gallagher will organize this.

Waste collections. There will probably be a move to reinstate the glass skip at the White Horse.

Carol Service - at the White horse. The new publican had agreed to provide mince pies at this function

Cheques approved.

000162 C.A.L.C. membership subs. 20.00
000163 Clerk Oct/Nov 2006 132.12
Litter '' 150.80
000164 Churton V. Hall, for Cheshire 250.00
railings re paint
(Village Hall A/C paid 400.00)

At 9.50 pm there was no further business and the Chairman closed the Meeting.